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     I got a clean carpet and a brilliant overall service from Blackfen Carpet Cleaning Company. I'm so glad I used this company.
Robert L19/05/2020
     We have them do domestic cleaning once a week. They have the cheapest rates and get the work done quickly. Great cleaning service.
Jerry P.19/09/2019
     Their cleaning services are top-notch and they're polite and courteous too. BlackfenCarpetCleaners are an ideal team and they provided the perfect service.
Callum S.08/02/2019
      Blackfen Carpet Cleaning's carpet cleaners transformed my carpets and made them look like new again. They removed all the grime, bacteria, stains and whatever else was lurking in them and it didn't take long at all. It wasn't one of those long, time-consuming tasks that took forever. They were in and out within an hour or two. I couldn't be happier.
Nick Allen21/04/2016
     I hate cleaning my house, so when I found out I had to do it amidst a move, I couldn't handle it. I was told by a friend that Blackfen Carpet Cleaning could help and he was right. They saw to my entire end of tenancy cleaning for me, so I could concentrate on getting my move done. They worked independently and thoroughly, so the job was done on time without me needing to get involved. I was able to have a successful move and avoid cleaning, all thanks to them.
Vanessa C.27/05/2015
     I own a private firm that keeps me occupied all through the week, leaving me no time to clean the office. Yet, it is very important that I meet the ideal conditions required for an office and ensure that it is always presentable for meetings and appointments. I cannot afford to lose a deal because of the state of my workplace. That's when a colleague asked me to contact Carpet Cleaning Services Blackf, who specialise in office cleaning. They scheduled an appointment as per the day and hours convenient to me. Their professional cleaners ensured my office was shining from floor to ceiling.
Mike Newton08/05/2015
     As an artist, my studio gets messy from time to time. I like to think of it as creative mess! But when I have an upcoming art display, I do need things to look tidy and organised. I rely entirely on BlackfenCarpetCleaners to send the best cleaners to me. I've been using this company for a number of years now. Each time they come they are so professional, respectful of my art work, and really talented at making a messy space show up beautifully clean in photos. Thanks guys!
Paula H.24/03/2015
     If I had to describe BlackfenCarpetCleaners in one word I would say “fabulous”. The house cleaners come to me on a regular basis and are always on time. They arrive with a smile and get all my cleaning jobs done with efficiency. My mantle piece and glass dining table as well as my kitchen floor are always sparking thanks to your professional cleaners, which is quite a feat considering I have two young children! With such affordable rates combined with your level of competence, what more could someone ask for? Great job!
     I had been planning my move for months and though I had everything under control. Once it was brought to my attention that I needed to take care of my end of tenancy cleaning, I quickly called up BlackfenCarpetCleaners. I knew I could hire their staff to take care of this task for me while I continued on with my move. Our combined effort made everything go well, so I was able to relocate successfully and they made my old home ready for the new owners.
Harold Porter18/12/2014
     It really is wonderful to have a cleaning service as nice to have around as BlackfenCarpetCleaners. They make the house look great with their excellent abilities in cleaning, but they are also lovely people. I always stop for a chat with whoever is in from the team, and I feel like they are always a good addition to the atmosphere of the place, which is something that you can't really pay for! On that note, the price is pretty good as well, and I really feel like I get great value for money from them. Very highly recommended, amazing work.
Marco Webb05/03/2014

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